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Cold Milk, I Shouldn’t Have...

That dreamy orange creamcicle drink with the full head of whipped cream looked and tasted scrumptious. Even as I was ordering it along with the other drinks for my grandchildren I knew I shouldn’t have it. But oh my, on that sweltering hot day with the temperature over 90 degrees I went against my better judgement.  Afterall it wasn’t go to kill me, or send me into anaphylatic shock like shrimp would do. However, I knew , because I am lactose intolerant, that I was most likely going to feel sick to my stomach if I yielded to this temptation.  I ordered it anyway.

Sure enough, less than fifteen minutes after drinking about twenty five percent of the frothy concocotion  the awful symptoms started. I felt  wretched and nauseous. As I sat in my car feeling the effects of this malady I asked myself ”Really, was it worth it?”  I could have cooled off with a glass of cold water and been just fine. However I got what I desired and now I was suffering.
As I was driving home with a queasy stomach I thought of a verse from Proverbs which I’ve read quite often, “Sensible people will see trouble coming and avoid it, but an unthinking person will walk right into it and regret it later.”*  I brought this trouble on myself by not valuing the knowledge I have about my realtionship with milk. I did not exercise my good sense.  This was my own fault.

I wonder how many times we all done this with other things. Earlier in the week I resisted an impulse to use my credit card to purchase a really attractive expensive crystal clock that fit my home decor. I realized that I was not going to like it when a credit card bill came. Then a few days later I floundered and walked past my good sense for a milky drink. My goal and prayer is that when I see the danger up ahead whether it's in finances or in food choices that I will exercise prudence. The consequences of not making the right choice may just be too great to bear.

* Proverbs 22:3 Good News Translation of the Bible


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